This is the current template for the Flat Classroom Project and Horizon Project as collaborated and managed by:
Julie Lindsay, IT Director and Teacher, Qatar Academy and
Vicki Davis, Teacher, Westwood Schools
and many other great teachers.

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Action Items

Tagging - Vicki
Lesson Plan for Introducing a Whole New Mind - Vicki
Lesson Plan for Audio Files - Julie
Instructions for New Teachers - both of us -- Ask John and Barbara to spell out what needs to be in there -- outline it for us?
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Invite John and Barbara to this Wiki
Final copy of 2006 back to Flat Classroom Project Wiki
Video Protocols - Vicki
Training Tutorials -- What do we need? Outline them - draft
Judging -- Can we do it with a peer process -- database process? - Julie
Think about synchronous meet ups with classes and with teachers - draft - julielindsay julielindsay
Survey instrument - ? Vicki
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