Audio Introduction

Record your introduction

Use these questions as a guide to record your short audio introduction to put on the Ning.
  • Explain who you are, where you live and what school you go to
  • Tell a little about what life is like where you live
  • Tell a little about what you do at school, for a hobby etc
  • Share your ideas for the project:
    • how do you think you will cope collaborating with students in other countries?
    • what will be the advantages?
    • what will be the disdvantages?
    • what new skills will you need to learn to be able to do this project?

Working with Audio Files

Here are some guidelines for recording, editing and uploading an audio file to the Flat Classroom Ning. The same tools and procedure can be used for other purposes as well.
  • Record your audio using either a microphone straight into the PC using Audacity, or use a digital recorder eg Olympus WS300. The WS300 and some others do not record into MP3 format therefore the file will need to be converted before importing into Audacity. Use winLame for this.
  • Edit Audacity and export as an MP3 file.
  • On the Flat Classroom Ning, click on Add Music and upload your file. Add an image if you want to as well